Images of the World


You probably take photographs on your journeys. You possibly also write postcards or emails telling friends and family what you have done and what you have seen. Have you thought about combining some of your photographs with a different kind of writing - poetry?

Here are some collections which do just that. If you've been to Africa, India, Peru, Portugal, Thailand or Vietnam, you may enjoy being reminded of your own travels by reading about H.S. Toshack's and viewing some of the scenes he's caught (in an amateurish, pre-digital sort of way) on camera. If you're planning a trip to one of those places, this is an opportunity to explore it before you go.


If when you've looked at a few poems you think you might like to produce something similar, the Travel Poetry Tutorial could interest you.



If you decide no to any or all of that, enjoy your travelling anyway…



...and if when you travel you’ll be doing so in the company of children in the 7-12 age group, and you’d like them to have a book or two with them for the journey (particularly if it’s a journey to Africa), you may be interested in the Paka Mdogo (Little Cat) series... also about journeys. The book covers are below, and they're linked to the website, where you’ll find information about the books themselves (and the free learning resources that go with them, in case you want your young travellers to take some homework along as well).